Sunday, April 3, 2011


Image by Adeline and Grace Photography
Deirdre & Jason

We here at Island Farm are so beyond ecstatic that we are literally jumping for joy!!

Welcome to Peacocks & Oxen, the blog connecting you to one of the true treasures of the Connecticut coastline. We are the storytellers of Island Farm - from the family traditions to the weddings that grace the grounds and everything in between.

What to expect? A collection of entries from guest contributors, visual retrospectives of inspired events and tales told from the families found running wild across the grassy grounds. This is Island life the way it’s meant to be told - through narration and illustration.

So kickback, find a hammock, enjoy the ocean breeze and join in the celebration of this magical place.

It truly is a beautiful place to gather and grow.


  1. Congrats on a job well done Lu!! One of my favorite places on earth.....

  2. So wonderful, Lucinda- such a 'buzz' to see Mike's film featured, too. Thanks! Truly a step back in time being on the Island and this blog captures it...

  3. You are a true artist and I think it is safe to say ... Lucinda you inspire all of us.

  4. congrats, lucinda! i couldn't agree more-- elihu island is one of the most special places to visit! xoxo